Consultation with Parents

In working with parents, the focus is on helping them to realistically assess their family situation. It is important to evaluate the strengths and vulnerabilities of each family member, and then consider how a variety of parenting arrangements would affect each person.

Consultation is designed to assist parents in settling their custody dispute without engaging in a needlessly acrimonious court battle. If there is a custody suit, the consultation should help the parents to move forward in a way that will be best for the children

Consultation with parents can take several forms, including:
  • Child Expert -- Dr. Rohrbaugh evaluates the child(ren) and meets with both parents to help them figure out how best to help the child(ren) cope with the parental separation or other family crisis. She often confers with the parents' attorneys during this process.
  • Divorce Coach -- Dr. Rohrbaugh works with one parent who is having difficulty proceeding with the separation/divorce. The focus is on exploring that parent's emotional issues and offering support throughout the process of the separation/divorce. Dr. Rohrbaugh may also meet with the other parent and the attorneys if the client wishes.
  • General Consultation -- Dr. Rohrbaugh works with one or both parents to help them assess their family situation, especially with regard to the children's best interests. She also discusses the family with the parents' attorneys, as needed.

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