This is something that believe it or not everyone has felt at some time in their life for some reason or another.

Yes, whether it is because you are a male, female, white, black, hispanic, gay, bi, etc.

There are always going to be people out there in this world who have a problem with you for some reason or another. In fact, there are four key reasons why people discriminate and the first and biggest reason is simply because they are insecure about themselves and have no idea how to handle when someone is different. Because of this, they decide to react by spreading hate onto you, thinking that it will make them feel better for being afraid of what they do not understand.

Whether you are dealing with it at work or school, do not worry there are ways to ensure that you are handling it in the most respectful way possible while always standing up for and against the person without having to sacrifice who you are because of it.

Make sure that you are never rude back.

It is pretty much instintic to be rude to someone when they are mean to you, especially for no reason but, all this does is add fuel to the fire, making the abuser feel like they are going down the right track in changing your mind since you are reacting in an emotional way towards the issue.

If you stay calm and remain the one who is in control of the conversation you will eventually bore the person who is looking to create drama, which will make them start ignoring the issue they had with you and push their hate onto someone else.

The person who is able to tell you that something is wrong with you, is some one who is not confident in themselves, they look for people who are just as insecure with themselves as they are to make themselves feel better about the things that they do not like about themselves.

Never raise your voice.

This is important because an increase in vocal expressions implies that the other person is getting on your nerves, even if this is indeed the case, you do not want the other person to know that they are upsetting you.

Instead, ask them questions about why they feel the way that they say, this will throw them off of their normal, expected reaction and they will in the end, ultimately make themselves look silly because there is no answer to why they are the way they are, other than that they are miserable and we all know that misery loves company.

Going about the situation in this manner will make sure that you come out on top and have nothing to be embarrassed about, because you and the other people around you, did nothing wrong.

Know who you are and be proud of it.

You have to make sure that you accept the things that make you different with a whole heart, this will ensure that the other person will not be able to hurt your feelings, while leaving you in a stable state of mind to be able to react in a positive manner, rather than in a defensive one.

Following these steps, the next time that someone is discriminating against you will ensure that you are not the one who looks silly and it will magnify the wrong doing of the other person, hopefully enough so, that will make them no longer feel the way they do about why they think it is okay to shame someone else.