If you are someone who has recently found that your thoughts are drifting towards someone of the same sex, do not feel strange this is actually extremely normal, whether you are a teenager or an adult; there is no right or wrong time to have these thoughts or feelings.

A large percentage of women are bisexual or a lesbian, the same statistics go for the lines of men, I mean think about it, at sleep overs, locker rooms, etc, you are surrounded by people that are the same sex as you, they are naked, things start going through your mind while you watch your best friend changing in front of you, yes this is normal.

No, nothing is wrong with you.

Yes, it is perfectly okay to test out the waters and see how you feel when you are actually interacting with someone of the same gender when it comes to sexual behaviors.

There is a correct way and a wrong way to go about this time of your life, lets talk about them.

Right way:

Make sure that the person you are trying to be with is fully aware of what you are doing and that you are using them to test out the waters, the last thing you want is to lead someone one only to find out that, this lifestyle is not for you and you end up hurting someone.

Ensuring that you are both on the same page will make the process not only easier on you but, you will not feel like you are hiding something from someone else.

Do it in a sober and safe environment, make sure that you are not making choices due to the enhancement of alcohol or other stimulants, which naturally make the brain more open to doing things that you would not normally do.

The last thing you would want is to make a choice under the influence and then have it effect you emotionally and mentally for the rest of your life.

Remember that it is perfectly okay to back out of any situation at any time when you are no longer feeling safe or comfortable, talking to your partner about this before hand and coming up with a safe word is the best way to ensure that everyone will remain on the same page during the events.

The wrong way:

Do not play around in your sexuality while you are in a relationship, even though you would be with someone of the same sex, it still counts as cheating, no matter what your excuse is, and you could end up severely hurting you current relationship.

Do not lead someone on, when you have no intention of being with them for a long period of time, always being up front and honest is the best way to ensure that this phase or testing period of your life will not result in damaging others or yourself.

Do not do something that you are uncomfortable with and remember that it is okay to say no, no matter what the situation is. If you are curious about any particular form of sexual pleasure but don’t want to try it with someone else in an intimate setting just yet, sex toys are a great way to facilitate sexual self-discovery in a controlled and safe environment (Blissful Cherry has a great selection of toys, along with helpful guides for using them). With so many different types of sex toys to choose from, you are sure to learn more about yourself and your sexual preferences before putting yourself out there in a real-world sexual encounter that may be uncomfortable or ultimately unfulfilling otherwise.

Remember that same sex couples might be safe from unwanted pregnancy but, that does not go in the same direction for sexual diseases (more than 1 million STI’s are acquired every day worldwide!), make sure that you are your partner are having safe sex, nobody wants to give someone else something that could make them sick, you might be a carrier and not even know it.

When it comes to exploring your sexuality, it is perfectly normal and okay, just make sure that you and the other people involved are fully aware of the situation and are safe.

The most important thing is to have fun and create long lasting memories, that might find you going down a whole different path afterwards!