LBGTQ in full means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer.\

They are terms used to represents people about their sexuality and gender identity.

There are many terms associated with LBGT due to the gender revolution around the world.

Everyone is transgender oriented and non-binary saying that people are born with society rules on what their bodies can do and what they cannot do.

Sexual orientation and gender expression identity because it feels taboo, or because they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Here is a glossary of some terms that will make the conversation more comfortable and more comfortable.

Ally; this is a person who is not an LGBTQ but supports any campaign entails them, promoting their equality in different ways allows in the society.

Asexual; people that lack sexual attraction or desire about other people.

Biphobia; having hatred towards bisexual people.

Androgyne; this is gender identity where someone feels their gender is between male and female as they feel both masculine and feminine altogether. This person may feel more masculine than feminine or the other way around.

Cisgender; this is a term used to describe someone whose gender is associated with sex that has been assigned to them at birth.

Closeted; is an LGBTQ that have not stated their sexual orientation or their gender identity due to fear and choosing not to.

Coming out; The procedure in which a man initially recognizes, acknowledges and values their sexual introduction or sex personality and starts to impart that to other people.

Gay; these are people that are emotional, romantically and sexually attracted to people of the same gender.

Gender- expansive; this is a more comprehensive and more flexible range of gender identity that is more associated with the binary gender system.

Gender transition; it is a process to which people strive jointly to align their knowledge of gender with their appearance. They tend to dress like another gender. They undergo their transition by modifying their bodies and through medical interventions.

Lesbian; is a woman that is emotional, romantically attracted to another woman.

Outing; this is someone that is lesbian, gay or bisexual but without their permission. They may be forced to be this way due to unemployment, economic instability, safety, religion and family situation.

Pansexual; this describes a person that is potentially emotional, romantic to people of any gender.

Passing; this is an LGBTQ person that goes to the society assuming to be either straight or cisgender

Polygender; people that have more than one gender.

Sex; this is a classification of a person either male or female.

Queer; this is a term mainly used to express fluid identities and orientation.

Questioning; this is a term mainly used to describe someone process of exploring gender identity.

Transgender; this is a term people use in expressing different cultural expectation based on their sex that they were given during birth. Being a transgender does not imply that your sexual orientation but they may also be straight, gay. Lesbian and bisexual.

Transphobia; this is the fear, hatred and general discomfort that cisgender people have towards transgender people.