Joanna Bunker Rohrbaugh, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and trauma specialist who works with individuals and families who suffer from anguish caused by internal distress, interpersonal conflict, or abuse. There are a multitude of potential stressors, including:
  • Transitions caused by major disruptions or dislocations such as:
    • parental separation/divorce
    • mental illness
    • substance abuse
    • failing health or death of a loved one
    • unemployment
  • Abandonment (physical and/or psychological)
  • Physical injuries or illnesses
  • Intimate Partner Abuse (physical and/or psychological)
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • War, chaos and immigration
  • Natural disasters

Dr. Rohrbaugh provides psychological evaluation and psychotherapy for adolescents and adults. Her work is designed to enhance each person's sense of mastery over their challenges and painful experiences, as a way to help them feel more confident and satisfied and be able to live more independent, fulfilling lives.

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