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Separation, Divorce, and Parenting
Custody Standards and Social Science Research
Recommendations and Report Writing for Child Custody Evaluations
Use of Guardians Ad Litem in Removal Actions
Evaluations in the context of De Facto Parenting
Domestic Violence and Psychological Abuse
Impact and Assessment of Psychological Abuse
Domestic Violence
Alternative Family Structures
Adoption for Alternative Families
Parenting in Lesbian and Gay Families
Psychological Dynamics in Lesbian Families
Personality Development
Gender and Personality Development
Female Adolescent Development
Sexuality and Intimate Relationships
Mental Health and Psychotherapy
New Theories of Gender Differences in Personality: Clinical Approaches
Diversity in Counseling
Women's Issues in Treatment for Addictions
Psychotherapy with Lesbians and Gay Men
Emotional Survival for Therapists
Health Care
Gender Issues in Primary Care
Culturally Competent Care for Gay and Lesbian Patients
Workplace Issues
Diversity Issues in Organizations
Gender Issues in Work Teams
Women in Engineering and Computer Science
Women as Entrepreneurs
Mental Health Experts in Collaborative Law


Divorce Professionals
Custody Evaluators / Guardians Ad Litem / Mental Health Professionals
Legal Professionals
Federal Judges and Senior Court Managers
Probate & Family Court Judges
Mental Health Professionals
Experienced Psychologists and Psychiatrists (CEUs)
Staff in Clinics and Hospitals
Psychology Interns and Psychiatry Residents
University Faculty and Staff
Graduate Students
Health Care Professionals
Primary Care Physicians
Executives and Entreprenuers

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